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Just providing wheelchairs is not enough. To avoid medical complications it is of vital importance that people are seated properly in their wheelchairs. MobilityCare takes care of this in their workshop. But in case of deliveries far outside Arusha the fitting has to be done at the place of destination. This means wheelchairs need to be adjustable, without the technical facilities of a workshop.

Another requirement for shipments to distant destinations has to do with transport. A wheelchair takes up a lot of cargo space. With a design where the components can be transported in a low volume flat pack, transport costs have less impact on its price. They are assembled and made to measure at the place of destination.

TWF helps to develop such wheelchairs.

Service workshops are needed for maintenance, repairs and assembly of new wheelchairs. In many cases an existing workshop can be used, like the one of a rehabilitation center. The technical staff is trained by MC. Partner organizations provide training courses for therapists to fit wheelchairs to the user’s needs.

Using locally available materials makes production and maintenance cheap and easy.