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TWF works closely together with wheelchair manufacturer (MC) in Arusha, Tanzania. Early this century, two men, one of them a wheelchair user, built their first wheelchairs in a shed. And with success. The team grew to three men and a woman. In 2004 MC was officially registered as a partnership. With the grow of the company, the need for better and more spacious facilities became vital. After a successful fundraising campaign MC moved to a professional workshop in 2005.

MC was set up as a commercial company that generates its income from making and selling wheelchairs. However, the majority of their clients does not have the means to buy a wheelchair.  TWF was founded in 2009 with the aim to raise funds and help people with a contribution to purchase a wheelchair. Over the past few years the emphasis has shifted from deliveries in and around Arusha to shipments all over Tanzania. In the latter case, the wheelchairs cannot be made to measure in the MC workshop. It brings along additional requirements for the wheelchairs, not only for adjustability but also for transport.