The board

Maarten Bottelier  –  Chairman.
Maarten worked for many years in Africa for Médecins Sans Frontières. In 2002 he took the initiative to build wheelchairs in Tanzania which resulted in founding MobilityCare. He has lived in Tanzania for five years.

Peter van den Berg  – Treasurer
Peter is a physiotherapist and manager/ co-owner of a rehabilitation and wellness-center in southern Germany. During holidays in Tanzania in 2015 he came into contact with  MobilityCare. After a second visit in 2017, he decided to apply for the position of treasurer for the Tanzania Wheelchairs Foundation.

Anne Kuijs  –  Secretary
Anne has worked with disabled children in Tanzania from 2002 until 2019. Initially in Arusha for Terre des Hommes and subsequently, following an interruption of three years for studies in the Netherlands, as an occupational therapist in Mwanza.

from left to right: Maarten, Peter & Anne